Security and protection with All Weather Glass Tinting

The addition of window film has benefits beyond what a consumer might even consider when building a home or doing home improvement. It not only contributes to creating an energy-efficient home or commercial building, but it creates a more comfortable space and very much adds an aesthetic quality. Let’s consider some ways that it can benefit any business or homeowner.


Like a holiday suntan fades quickly, window treatments, furniture, wallpapered and painted walls, hanging pictures and photographs, and even carpets can quickly lose their vivid and original colors if exposed to sunlight on a daily basis through unfiltered windows. 

Protect furniture from sun damage and fading.


There are some health benefits to natural light. But, there is also a danger of eye strain caused by consistent exposure to direct, unfiltered light when watching television, reading, or doing daily activities while in a business or home office space. Filtering sunlight alleviates this problem while still letting in enough natural sunlight.

Excessive Heat and Cold

Filtering direct sunlight into spaces also allows a homeowner to use those rooms which seem to always be unused regularly during certain times of the day when direct sunlight comes in and creates excessive heat. Just closing the drapes or blinds only leads to faded window treatments and not much change in temperature. Filtering will reflect the sunlight and take in a minimal amount of heat from the outside and dissipate it throughout the room.

In the same way, windows with poor insulation create cold spaces that we avoid as well. Filter on your windows is a much more cost-effective alternative to upgrading your windows with double or triple panes. Filtering will reduce the number of cold areas within a room and the living or working space will reflect the overall temperature of the house or business.

Energy costs

With ultra-cold and hot spaces, a business or homeowner will see their energy bill fluctuate dramatically on a monthly basis as the season’s change. They may pay triple the cost of heating or cooling their home as the HVC unit needs to work overtime to compensate for irregular hot and cold spots and as much as 78% of the day’s sunlight coming into through unfiltered windows. Filtering the light that comes through your windows alleviates this issue. By filtering the sunlight, as much heat as is needed with come in, and a homeowner especially will see an energy savings of as much as 30% in the monthly bill.

Security and protection with All Weather Glass Tinting

Safety, Security, and Privacy

A film on a homeowner’s windows can also act as a barrier to deter crime. Window film makes it very difficult for burglars to permeate, and therefore, harder to get into your home. If a natural disaster or even a random accident occurs, a filter on windows keeps shards of glass, whether big or small, from shattering and potentially hurting someone who comes in contact with the window.

As an added security measure, filtering windows also creates a wall of privacy that would not be there if you choose to keep drapes or blinds open, or even not have them at all. This especially works well on bathroom windows, great room spaces, foyers, and shower doors, where privacy is most needed.

Decorative Window Film

Many homeowners who are looking for added privacy in their most exposed spaces including entryways, sunrooms, front glassed doors, and other exposed, but actively used areas of a home, may not opt for any type of filter because it does not add an aesthetic quality to a space. This is not a problem with the variety of decorative film available.


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